Fixed Canvas Layout for Dashboards

Alternative Feature Request
Note that there is a more simplified, straight-forward request for being able to create scalable dashboards by defining how many tiles wide a dashboard is.

Feature Request: Scalable dashboards - fixed number of tiles wide

You may want to consider voting on that topic as it may prove to be a more straightforward implementation (and thus more likely to be implemented at a lower vote count), and solves the core issue of designing a single dashboard that scales across devices of different sizes

This particular feature request is for the ability to design a dashboard using a fixed canvas - this would allow the ability to position tiles freely anywhere on the canvas without being restricted to a fixed grid and the dashboard could also scale to different device sizes when viewed.

The free-positioning of tiles would also enable you to overlap or layer tiles for potentially interesting effects.

As alluded to above, this is a significant redesign of how dashboards are currently implemented and would likely require a significant level of interest.

Use Cases / Examples / Problems

:warning: We are looking for user feedback on what use-cases you have in mind for a fixed canvas design. For example, are there specific things that layering tiles would help you achieve? Or things that free-form positioning of tiles (without being constricted to a grid) would help you achieve or problems that it would solve?

If you vote on this topic, please share what use cases or problems this feature would help with.

was looking to have template dashboards, ones with “dashboard” tiles in the same place on every dashboard, instead of trying to get things to line up perfectly on every page/dashboard. plus might want different dashboards for different sized screens

On the placement of ‘dashboard’ tiles in the same place, I guess you want to be able to create a ‘base’ dashboard using the proposed canvas layout, then you could copy that dashboard as a starting point almost as if it was a template?

The challenge being that in the current dashboards, the tiles flow left-to-right then top-to-bottom so you would always need placeholder/spacer tiles to fill out the rows like we’ve done in some of our demo dashboards - which makes it a bit difficult when you start adding in the actual tiles as you have to make sure you have the right number of tiles filling the width of the row so things wrap to the next row to keep your ‘menu’ in the right place.