How to delete a location?

I swapped out my Smarthings for a Hubitat. How can I delete the smarthings location from my account?

If you proceed through the SmartThings authorization process again (starting from your user page > Manage Connections), after you select a SmartThings location from the drop down, scroll down and select Deny instead of Authorize.

I can do this without disconnecting Smarthings Hub im still running at a different location?

Yes. Just make sure to select the location you would like removed via the drop-down before tapping Deny.

Interesting, when I do that only the location Im still using shows up in IDE. Possibly because I’ve already deleted the hub from the Samrthings IDE.

Ah, yeah. If the hub was manually deleted and the SmartApp installation doesn’t exist anymore then we can take care of it for you. Can you shoot a note to with the details of the location you would like removed and we will get you taken care of.

Its not a big deal and doesnt effect anything that I can see. Will fill out a support ticket at some point.

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