How to create this automation

I’m still learning how to make relatively complex automations and completely lost on how to create this. Hopefully I can explain this correctly. I’m certain this can be achieved.

If Driveway camera switches OFF


Mode changes from away to home


Jacquis iPhone becomes present
Johns iPhone becomes present

Unlock door


Jacquis phone changes to present
Johns phone changes to present

If camera is off
If Mode is Home
Open Lock

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Looks like @Babar_Khan has you pointed in the right direction. You’ll want to break things down into the triggering events and then the restricting conditions that you want.

So in his example, when either phone becomes present (triggers), it will run the flow which will check to make sure the camera is off and the mode is home before it runs the actions.

If you want all of the items to be triggers and conditions, you would add them to the triggers section and as conditions. That would mean that when any of the triggering events occurred, it would run through flow and verify whatever conditions you had defined before it would continue onto the actions. Note that to combine AND / OR conditions, you would need to use a nested condition (eg. a condition within the THEN path of a condition).

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Thanks all. Something to wrap my head around but I’m sure I’ll get there.
For anyone interested, this is for the switchbot lock and I’m trying to figure out a good and most secure way to have the lock open for when we arrive. The only issue is the presence within Smartthings is too big of a radius in that I can pass in and out of the radius depending where I’m going so don’t want the door to open unexpectedly so trying to suss a good way to make this happen when we are in fact arriving home for real.

If anyone had any solutions I’d love to hear.