How to create rule that runs every two weeks?

Is there a possible to create rule that run every two weeks?

@Nir_Avniel, how about create a True/False variable and use a rule to toggle it every Sunday (or whatever day you need), and use this variable in an IF condition in your rule and only continue to execute the follow if the variable is True? See below for the example rules:

The rule to toggle the variable every Sunday

The rule to use this variable to determine if it should continue execute the actions this week.

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Thanks for the help but it doesn help cause what will be the trigger every week ?
I need it to turn on something every two weeks on specific day, your idea doesnt help cause when the first week arrive ,what will be the variable to check ?

A timer trigger for every Sunday (similar to that shown in James’ screenshot) is the primary thing for setting the variable / flag.

So every week it will trigger and will toggle the variable. Which means every two weeks the variable will change to true.

You can then use the variable changing to true as the trigger… or as James showed in the screenshot, use any trigger like another time trigger (different than the first trigger) and use the variable as a condition to determine if the rule continues.

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Ok, sounds good, thanks a lot

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thanks for the awesome information.