How to crate home button that is device dependent

A long time ago I ran all of my touchscreens on Allonis. A nice feature was that each touchscreen had a defined home screen, that was different on each screen based on location and needed buttons.

I had a lot of generic screens - adjusting audio around the house, HVAC, etc. I would use this across all screens as needed. It had a home button, and Allonis knew which screen to send this to based on the device.

In Sharptools the dashboard button is specific to given dashboard. So I have to make copies of these generic screens and replace the home button on each. Not a huge deal but I am constantly tweaking screens, so this means I have to make updates to the same screen multiple times.

I have been noodling over how to try and replicate this functionality in Sharptools? Ideally I could call a rule that then establishes the device that I am running on and then perform actions based on this?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.