How to change user profile image?

Hello friends!

Long-time Sharptools user – and have now just created a second premium account for my place of work.

Nonetheless, I have an elementary question. How do you change one’s profile image? I can’t for the life of me figure this out. As much as I like the little cat avatar, it’s not the most appropriate for our company user. See this screenshot for reference.

I did this for my personal premium account a long while back, but can’t seem to figure out how I managed this.

Many thanks!


Hi @ACASS_Canada_Ltd, thank you for your support. :grinning:

If you can pm @support the URL to the desired profile image, we can update the profile image for you. Please note that the image file URL link must be public accessible so the server can fetch the image from the link. Thanks.

You’re a gem, James. I’ll take care of that right now. Thanks!

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James I would like the same … I see my image on the but not the dashboard

Hi @Joe_Davault, welcome to the community. I’ve updated your profile image as requested, and you may need to re-login to see the updates. Feel free to drop us an email at if you have any questions.

Thank you James … i did have to logout and log back in as you specifiied but now it looks perfect



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