How to block edit in web dashboard?

I use Fully kiosk in my tablets, how can I block the edit option of the dashboard? I would like to eliminate the circle with 3 dots from the bottom right.


I can make it an optional setting. I’ll add it to the list.

Did you have a particular approach in mind? I can think of a few ways to approach it.

Here in configuration you can add the option to lock the dashboard. Then using the link of the dashboard with fully kiosk will show the dashboard but you just can use it, no edit. And another option to open the dashboard in full screen only, then it will not show my dumb picture from gmail.

By the way, adding security with pin to specific tiles (not sure if it has that already) will be nice too, for example, I only gave access to my wife using dashboard, no ST app directly, because she can’t edit anything or screw up my config, but for the SHM the tile has password, she press the tile, put the code then choose to disarm if that will be the case. No password needed for other tiles. I will put password to locks, garage door and HSM/SHM tiles.

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking something similar about making it a configuration option on the dashboard and then adding an option to jump into the edit screen for a dashboard from the Manage Dashboards page. Additionally, I could add a URL parameter that you could use to open the dashboard in edit mode.

PIN protection is on the shortlist. Tentatively planned for the next sprint. :grin:

Thanks Josh, the dashboard looks great, I’m waiting to get those features to swap my wife, for me and the tablets I will continue to play with settings to see what else I can get. Thanks again.


Hey Josh, when is next sprint? :grin:


After the current one. :grin: :yum:

We’ve been on a 1-2 week sprint cycle. Targeting to wrap up the current sprint late this week or early next week.


Ok, let me put my beer back and check if I have any monster left in the fridge.

+1 for pin support !

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