How quickly should my calendar tile update?

If I add something in my Google Calendar via Google Assistant, it seems to take a little bit for my calendar tile (which is a Super Tile) to update on my dashboard. Maybe 10 minutes? Just wondering if that is normal?

If it’s in a Super Tile, it sounds like it’s not the normal SharpTools calendar integration. Do you have a custom device which somehow interfaces with your calendar?

Oh goodness, my bad. Working on two different tiles last night and got them crossed. Let me clear it up, it is the Sharptools calendar integration tile. The Super Tile was for something else. Sorry for confusion. And after I posted, I believe I searched and found where you said Sharptools will only pull in the Google Calendar events every 30 minutes?

That’s right. For premium users, the calendar is refreshed every 30 minutes. (For reference, it’s listed on on the pricing page)