How log login android app to hubittat? Only see smartthings login


I just downloaded sharptools for android. When it loads it takes me straight to the app screen. The only login section I can find is under Settings -> Authorize things and then it’s only about logging in with a samasung account or smartthings account.

I have created a sharptools account on the website and was able to link my hubitat there but I can’t find anything about how to get this accessible in the android app?

I feel like i’m glossing over something really obvious and stupid, any advice is appreciated.

Hi @msiekkinen, welcome to the community. The SharpTools Android app is a set of Widgets and Tasker Plugins for SmartThings. To control your Hubitat devices on mobile, you can create a dashboard on, and save the dashboard to your mobile/tablet home screen, and it will look and work like a native app due to its progressive web app features. See below for how to add the web dashboard to your home screen.

James, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

Interestingly enough I stumbled upon sharptools doing an initial search for “hubitat rules engine dashboard” as I was looking to add a shortcut to my existing rule to power cycle the cable modem with some delay when the internet is being flakey.

Given that scenario and my going with hubitat initially was to not be cloud dependent I guess this isn’t what I need after all.

Looks neat though, I might play around with it for a bit all the same.