How is everyone editing dashboards?

How is everyone editing their dashboards?

Whenever I need to replace a tile or add a tile, the dashboard is constantly “reorganizing itself” and a quick change ends up taking me an hour. I have to be missing something when it comes to editing an already made dashboard. Is there a way to keep the tiles in place while replacing existing tiles with something else?

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I do it 2 ways. I either make my chrome page smaller/larger so the dashboard makes it look like the device OR in chrome there is a developer section under ‘more tools’ that gives you some options… see here.

You can create your own or use some pre done ones…


Do you have any example screenshots of dashboards you’ve edited and what the changes to them were? I noticed you used the word ‘replacing’ existing tiles, so I’m curious what kind of things were replaced and if there’s something we could do there to make it easier to replace a tile without reflowing the layout.

I really seem to have problems in mostly the following scenario. An existing dashboard that has a spacer tile or something else that is bigger than 1x1. I want to replace that bigger tile with multiple smaller tiles or, even worse, resize that bigger tile. When I move the bigger tile the DB almost always reflows and moves all kinds of stuff around. Not the normal shifting up or down of tiles. If I resize the tile I am guaranteed that the dashboard will be a mess. I am sure that it’s just the way I’m editing the tiles since I haven’t seen anyone else mention having issues.

I’ll have to recreate the original DB. I don’t have a copy of it and I’ve already made the changes.

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