How do you remove a previously Authorized Location


I decommissioned my Hubitat hub and would like to remove it from SmartTools but can’t see where to do that. Thanks, Glenn


Shoot a note to and we’ll get you taken care of. :grinning:

Edit: SmartThings users can disconnect accounts by using the ‘Deny’ button during the Manage Connections authorization process. Hubitat doesn’t send a ‘disconnect’ event at the moment which is why I recommended sending us an email for Hubitat users.

Disconnect a SmartThings Account

  1. Open your user page
  2. Tap the Manage Connections button
  3. Tap SmartThings from the list of options
  4. If prompted to login with your SmartThings credentials, do so
  5. Select the location you want to deauthorize from the drop-down
  6. When the list of devices is shown, scroll down and select ’ Deny