How do you change the animation when switching dashboard

When you switch to a different dashboard there is a small animation of everything loading if that makes sense?

I have different dashboards for the buttons, if you want to go into the living room controls you click living room and it switches to that dashboard. Hope that makes sense! But everytime I click to switch there is a small animation of all the widgets/stuff coming down from the top left corner.

Probably doing a terrible job explaining this haha but does anyone else know what I mean? and also how to remove it? It’s driving me crazy and makes it slower to use. Would rather it just instant.


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I dont think you can disable the animation. Its like milliseconds for me so I havent really spent much time looking into it though.

I’m curious to know as well, Frogloo! On lower-powered (ie: Fire) devices, it certainly seems like the transitions slow down the device. I’d love to disable or simplify them, too.

You can add this as custom CSS to your theme to disable animations when changing dashboards

/* Disable animations when changing dashboards */
.card-panel {
transition: none !important;