How do I remove the please watermark from sharp tools

How do I remove the please get a license watermark from sharp tools. I setup a fully kiosk browser on my Amazon Fire Tablet with sharp tools dashboard last night. It seems to work OK, but I have a watermark on the bottom of the dashboard that says, "please get a license, and one at top of dashboard that reads, "plus features activated. I set up sharp tools on my computer this week, added a few tiles, and all seems to work OK with no watermarks on it. I bought a license last night after setting up sharp tools on my amazon tablet. I activated the license, and it shows that, but the watermarks are still on it. They are distracting and don’t look good. Any help in removing them.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, George! That sounds like the watermark from Fully Kiosk Browser.

If you have any of the ‘Plus’ features enabled on Fully Kiosk Browser, you’ll need to purchase a Fully Kiosk Browser license. You can do this by sliding out the left navigation menu of Fully Kiosk Browser and you should find an option for purchasing a license.

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Thanks for quick reply! I see what you mean now by sliding from left to see the purchasing option. I was just for now testing this out on my amazon tablet, and may not use it on it permanently as I have another older android tablet I may put it on permanently, and then may buy a license, but your reply should solve the watermark problem.