How do I link to another dashboard? Go back to homescreen after timeout?

Just starting out. Would like to have a main dashboard that has buttons on it that goes to another screen … how is the best way to handle that? And is there a way to set a certain time of inactivity where it would go back to home screen?

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@David_Hazlewood, welcome to the community. Do you mean you want to navigate from a dashboard to another? If so, you can add the specific dashboards’ tiles (including navigate forward and back) to the dashboard from Add Item list.

If you use Fully Kiosk Browser on your tablet to render the dashboard, you can take advantage of the “Auto Reload on Idle” setting to have it reload and render the Start URL (home dashboard) after being idle for a certain period. See below for more details.


Thank you! Any update on getting Ring to work with Sharp tools/fully kiosk browser? Meaning pop up when someone rings the doorbell…

I’ve seen some community members use the app AutomateIt to open the Ring app automatically whenever the doorbell is rung: