How do I link Dashboards

Hi there
I am new to SharpTools!
I have created two Dashboards, and using an iPad.
How do I place " An Arrow to go from one dashboard to another, and back again?

Many thanks

If you want to navigate to a specific dashboard, you can add a tile for that specific dashboard from the Dashboards section of the Add Item screen while editing.

Or if you want to always go ‘back’ relative to the last screen you were on, you can use the Navigate Back option under the Dashboards section.

Ahhh, many thanks Josh, got it! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a follow up question about linking Dashboards. Is there any way to use a media image (photo) to access the built-in Dashboard link or, alternatively, modify the built-in Dashboard link to display a photo rather than the default Tile? I know I can add a hyperlink to the photo, but that process is a bit slower than the dedicated Dashboard link. Many thanks!

Hi @Robert_D_Goldstein, yes you can use a media tile to display the image and customize the tile’s action setting to “Open Hyperlink” and fill in the dashboard’s URL. So when this media tile is tapped, it will load the dashboard you specified.