How can i control a bluetooth/app controlled device via tasker/sharp tools and SmartThings

Ok so we are excited to be expecting our first baby boy and my mind is going 100 miles and hour trying to have all sorts of cool things for him :slight_smile:
So among many other things we have been looking at of course there is a baby rocker/swing this one in particular

has a bluetooth app that controls the swing and music and speed. I also have a sensor box i am building myself that will be connected to SmartThings using OmniThing

which monitors for sound. So i was wondering how can i have the app activated when the sound sensor goes high/active and than we can activate the swinging of the rocker that way automatically. So i thought maybe Sharp tools and tasker can do that but how i have no clue :slight_smile:

And yes i know this is more of a novelty and just to say i did it than actually useful and to trust the baby alone with it but i think it is worth a try

any ideas and guidance would be highly appreciated
Thank you

@Denis_Grabocka congrats on the new baby boy!

And I’m glad you mentioned that this is just a novelty! You can build lots of really interesting things with Tasker and SharpTools, but we have to disclaim responsibility - especially when it comes to automating things a child gets swung in! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably break the project up into two parts:

  1. Automate the control of the 4Moms mamaRoo (via the associated app)
  2. Get an event in SmartThings to trigger an action in Tasker

Control An App with Tasker

Just to preface, this is more of a general Tasker question so you might get some good ideas from the /r/Tasker subreddit - they’re generally really helpful. If the app had a Tasker integration, that would be your preferred approach for automating it. Most non-techie or general apps don’t have a Tasker integration though, so an alternative approach would be to use a Tasker plugin like AutoInput to automate the touches needed to start the swing moving.

I’d download AutoInput, play around a bit, and ask some questions in the /r/Tasker group in you need AutoInput specific help.

As you build out your Tasker task, you can simply use the play button in the Tasker app to ‘run’ the Task and see if it works as expected. You’ll want to get this part working really well before automating it. :smiley:

Events from SmartThings into Tasker

This is the part where SharpTools comes in. Within SharpTools, you can long-press on a thing and subscribe to any desired attribute. From there, you can use the Thing State SharpTools Tasker plugin in an event profile to run any task you desire.

Follow the steps in the following guide to get it setup:

To get started, I would recommend by just running a simple task that uses something like an Alert > Notify action to display a notification so you can make sure it’s working as expected.

Note that in addition to filtering down to a specific Thing and Attribute, you’ll likely want to add an If Condition in your Task to only take action when the value is above a threshold or equals a certain value. You can find details on how to do this in the following article:

Once you get each piece working independently, you can tie them together!


Thank you Josh for the wishes and thank you on your quick answer you are always very helpful… I will definiteley be messing with it as soon as i get the device and report back :slight_smile: