Hourly trigger in rule engine

I would like a rule to run hourly on a schedule

Is that possible or is there some clever workaround?

@Danny_Richman, repeat schedule is not currently supported in Rule Engine, though you may be able to use variable as the workaround. See below for example that I use one rule to toggle variable value every hour, and another rule to execute desired actions when this variable’s value changes. (I added the time window in the 2nd rule’s IF_Condition just to demo the case if you only want the actions to be executed during certain time of the day since the variable will keep toggling every hour.)

  1. Create a rule to toggle the True/False variable every hour
  2. Create another rule to execute the desired actions when this variable’s value changes

Can you also provide a bit more details about your rule scenario so I can better understand the use case? I’d like to note down your needs since the repeat schedule feature is in my list. Thanks.


Many thanks James

These variables are just the gift that keeps giving! :slight_smile:

That should work perfectly.

My use case is pretty simple…

I want to do an hourly check to see if an aircon unit stays on and a door sensor has been left open. If it is, then use Echo Speaks to tell someone to “shut the bloody door!”


@James Thanks for your post. I noticed that the rule needs kick (“change to”) to start and then in theory never stops? Is it possible that a sharptools upgrade/outage or something like that may stop the cycle and not re-start?

You could always do a daily rule that checks if the variable has stayed true or false longer than your cycle.

Yes, I already put that for once a day. Thanks!