Honeywell Thermostat-Smart Things

I’m currently using SmartThings to control my Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat.

The thermostat has several settings tied to time, with conditions on Home or Away

Are they any pre-formulated thermostat rules I can use as a starting point.

With three or four daily cycles, tied to presence or absence, it sounds a bit tedious to write rules for each cycle, with triggers for both time and presence.

Any suggestions?

Two other wrinkles…

  1. On my SmartThings app I can switch the thermostat to Heating or Cooling Mode-
     Can I make a rule that is calendar based, for example, on November 1st, switch 
         thermostat to Heating Mode?
  2. I also have a setting on the thermostat itself that turns on the fan periodically 
    without triggering either heat or cooling...Since this is controlled directly by the 
     thermostat setting, I assume that none of the Sharp Tools rules will affect this 

Thanks in advance

@Douglas_Drake, you can create a rule as the baseline and copy it multiple times to create rules for triggering different cycles at different time through the day. See below:

A simple rule baseline for time trigger with presence condition.

Copy the baseline rule to create a new one.

And if you need to check multiple presences, you may want to aggregate all presence sensors’ status, so you just need to check one thing in those thermostat automation rules. Ex: I use variable $anyBodyHome to aggregate our presences, and I just need to check this True/False variable to know if there’s any one home. And I can display this variable as a tile in my dashboard as well.

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Date based scheduler is not currently supported in Rule Engine. But maybe you can use the weather station’s temperature reading as trigger to turn the AC to cooling or heat mode accordingly. Just a thought.

Yeah, I don’t think the fan circulating settings will be changed by setting cooling/heat mode or other actions through Rule Engine unless you specifically use the fan related action or somehow the DTH is written in that way. I don’t have a Honeywell thermostat to test with, but you may want to give it a quick try.

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