Homey Sonos album art

So, Im just starting to use sharp tools dashboard, and while I am excited about the possibilities I had a rough start.
I’m using it with Homey, and the first think I was interested was adding my sonos speakers. While the play/pause works, I’m having troubles with album art not refreshing when changing song. I can listen to a few songs, and he doesn’t know that it changed… It shows the same song name(first song)
Also it doesn’t know when something is playing or not. If I start a song from my phone Sonos app, he doesn’t see that… It just shows the play button like it’s not playing already.
Not sure if it matters, I’m using youtube music.

Welcome to the community and sorry to hear the things aren’t working as expected.

What version of Homey (hub software) do you have installed?

Have you verified that Homey itself is getting the updates you expect? Since SharpTools is connected through Homey, if Homey isn’t getting the updates, then SharpTools won’t either.

If the status never changes in SharpTools (except for when you reauthorize which does a full device sync), then that sounds like an event subscription issue. The first thing I would try in that case is to refresh your browser page while viewing a dashboard as that will kickoff a healthcheck and refresh in the background.

If that doesn’t help, feel free to send a note to support@sharptools.io and we can take a closer look one-on-one. Please make sure to use the ‘Upload Diagnostics’ option within the SharpTools Homey App (not homey’s app diagnostic) as noted in the Diagnostic Submissions of this help article:

You are totally right… The problem is from my Homey not sharptools. I have the homey pro 2019.
It seems that my homey doesn’t see the changes I do on the Sonos app, or the changing of the song, only after some refresh it does by it self.
Thanks for the input, I will troubleshoot the rest in homey, and hope I can fix it :blush:

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