Homey iOS 17 Authorization Issue

Hello, since today I can add more devices. I log in via the Homey app, authorize, press the start button, select my Homey and then I get the following message: Location Selected
Please return to the original page to finish the authorization process. Does multiple people suffer from this?

Are you saying that you see the message to return to the app, but when you return to the app, the authorization doesn’t proceed to the step where you can select which devices you want to authorize?

I’ve seen two reports of this. One of them recently updated to iOS 17 and mentioned that the issue only occurs within the Homey mobile app, but they can still visit my.homey.app in their browser and make the changes.

Is that what you are experiencing or are you on a different device/app/browser?

Yes that is correct. I experience the problem on my iPhone with IOS 17 in the Homey app. If I try to add new devices via my web browser, it works. No idea what’s happening, but it seems like a page is stuck.

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Would you mind sharing your Homey Mobile App Version and perhaps a video of what you are seeing? (Feel free to send it via PM or to support@sharptools.io if you want to keep it private)

I updated to iOS 17.0.3 and I’m not able to reproduce on Homey app v

Edit: I also updated to Homey and I couldn’t reproduce it there either.

Here’s a video from my 2019 Test Homey:

After chatting with @Elling_Hansen it seems like the issue occurs on the Beta (Testflight) version of the Homey Mobile App v7.5.0. Is that the version you are on as well?

I was able to reproduce the issue with the Homey iOS beta 7.5.x app and have pushed an update to the Homey App Store Test channel.

If any of you who are experiencing the issue could try out the test version 1.0.15 of the SharpTools Homey app and verify that it resolves the issues you were seeing, I will go ahead and submit it for review/publication.

Edit: Elling confirmed that updates in 1.0.15 resolved the issue, so I’ve pushed the update live to the release channel.