Homeseer hs-fc200+

Hello Community, I have the HS-FC200+ installed using Habitat. My question is, can I create a tile to control my fan in SharpTools with three speed control. So far when I created a tile is only list On and Off.

Hi @Clive_Rookwood thanks for posting. Is this using an official Hubitat driver or a community driver? If it’s a community driver, would you mind sharing a link to it?

I did not see an official Hubitat driver, so I downloaded it from Github.

Can you please share a link to the GitHub repo or community post?

Thanks for the additional details. It looks like the device implements the Fan Control capability, so it should have been added as a Fan Control Tile by default.

Have you tried changing the Tile Layout?

  1. While editing your dashboard, tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile in question
  2. Tap Change Layout
  3. Select Fan Control Tile (or Fan Speed Tile)


Hi Josh, when selected the Pick a New Layout only displays:
Switch Level Tile
Switch Tile
Hero Attribute.
Fan Speed Tile is not one of he selection.

Thanks for the additional details. Try reauthorizing the device to make sure that SharpTools has the latest device details. If the device driver was changed after it was originally authorized to SharpTools, you may need to reauthorize it so SharpTools can pull in the latest details.

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select Hubitat
  4. Follow the prompts, making sure that your device is still checked

If that doesn’t help, can you please send over a screenshot of the device details page in Hubitat? I’d like to confirm that the device is showing the right details and the new device type is showing as selected under Device Information: