Home security with sharptools

So right now I have vivint home security. I got suckered into the contract because of the “smart home” feature they offered with a z wave hub… Tmthe security system is good but the smart home stuff sucked. Plus their cameras suck. Always lose connection.
I don’t want to Re up on a new contract and pay a monthly service fee.

What has worked for those of you who’ve linked your security system to sharptools? I’d love some ideas!

I don’t know that I have the best examples, but her is my input:

  1. I have Alex guard setup to activate when I put the alarm in Away mode - monitors for glass break sounds or siren sounds
  2. I setup the alarm modes from SharpTools
    I put door and window sensors on all exit/entry points and connected to ST
  3. I added a Zwave siren to sound when the alarm goes off
  4. I use STHM… not entirely happy with it, but it works after creating custom virtual switches and rules in SharpTools
  5. I use Alexa at night when I go to bed to turn on the alarm. I turn it off automatically at 6am so it doesn’t inconvenience anyone
  6. I have a Yale lock on the front door setup to this as well

Works well for me.


How well does alexa guard work? I use Google home. I have alexa set up since I use the fire tablets as dashboards.

I’ve never had a break in, so I guess I don’t really know. I confirmed it arms when the alarm arms. And I played a glass break sound from YouTube in a room which had Alexa, and confirmed that it triggered Alexa Guard and that I received a notification. So far, so good!

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Well there ya go! What don’t you like about sthm?

The main issue is that Samsung doesn’t expose the STHM status through their API. Which means I need to create a virtual switch and some more rules to change it. Certainly not the end of the world… just the nuisance factor.

I also use Blink cameras. I have virtual switches for these too through IFTTT. Again, the fact that they are not “open” is making me rethink the choice. I plan on using Blue Iris and various compatible cameras from here on out. I liked the cameras because they are battery powered, which is great for my indoor cameras.