Home, Away, Night. modes

I see this option in sharptools rules but how do I control what each one does?


Use an automation to do whatever you want when a mode changes to a particular setting. You can do this either by Routines in SmartThings or here in Sharptools via the Rule Engine.

If you are going to do it in SharpTools, then select the mode in the Trigger section (so that whatever you want happens when the mode changes to the one selected). Then, in the Action section, add whatever things you want to happen there.


Thanks. I just played around with this and it is working great for me.


This is great. I setup my away mode. and was able edit some rules to not run while away mode is active. and others to run while away mode is NOT active. love it. thanks again!

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I was wondering why these exist? Isn’t this redundant with the STHM modes? (except that you cannot control STHM from a 3rd party).

Sort of, at least by default. But you can have more modes than the three STHM ones, and use them for some other purpose.

Also, since you can’t display the STHM status on a dashboard directly, due to the restriction you mentioned, you can display it by a Mode tile, with the mode sync’d to the STHM status.