Home Assistant - Sharptools life360 data accuracy

I have an automation that uses the places attribute of a life360 user. I am seeing that its not updating and not allowing the rules to trigger.

I see in home assistant the data is accurate and the place was updated as it should have been from life360.

In sharptools when I look at the attribute data, the place attribute is not updated, and its update time is a couple days old.

While the HA date is updated when it should have been.

Any ideas on how to fix this to be accurate?

Can you share more details about your setup? Is the places attribute being used in a trigger or condition or somewhere else?

Where are you viewing the state of the attribute data in SharpTools? If it’s from the device details screen (under the location details), does the attribute show up in black or grayed out color?

I am using the place attribute as a trigger. Its used as a changed to trigger to know when the person has entered the geo fence.

I am looking at the data in the Home/click the three dots for the HA connecton/choose person

I have added a screenshot of each.


If I remember correctly, you’re using SmartThings as your primary hub, right?

  • Do you have other devices from Home Assistant connected to SharpTools and those are updating as expected?
  • If you check the add-on, does it show that it’s connected to SharpTools?
  • If you check the add-on logs, are there any errors or clues from around the time of the last actual Life 360 event?

other things from HA seem to be accurate.

Do you mean logs in HA to show its connected to sharetools, if so I am not sure where to look.

If the logs are in sharptools, where do I find them?

Open the rule then click on the 3-dot menu, top right.

I have seen the same. I switched to using the state attribute as a workaround. I chalked this up as a HA issue. Let me know if logs would still be helpful.

Since the rule does not fire, because the trigger is not tripped , would the logs not be else where?

The logs can be pulled from the Sharp Tools HA Add-on. In my experience the State attribute updates correctly but the Place does not.

Right. Those are the logs I was referring to. Home Assistant > Settings > Add-Ons > SharpTools > Log tab at the top. Note that you might need to enable the Debug level logging in the configuration and restart the add-on before trying to reproduce the issue again so you could see if there are any debug level logs that provide clues.