Home Assistant Sharptools Add-On not start

I updated today to the new Home Assistant Operating System 11.3. I’m not able to start the Sharptools Add On. I’m not sure if that is the problem. Does it work with 11.3 on an other home assistant installation?

Could it be, that when I restore a virtual machine snapshot, that the home assistant sharptools add-on not working anymore? I mean that the fingerprint is unique for that virtual machine?

Are you receiving a particular error message in the Add-on logs or what’s happening?

Is the Add On completely failing to load whatsoever? Or it’s loading, but just not connected to SharpTools? If it’s the latter, have you tried reauthorizing the connection from within the Add-on?

The fingerprint is generated on first run of the add-on and then stored with the add-on configuration, so as long as everything was fully restored (including add-on config/data), then the fingerprint should have been restored along with it.

I’m not able to start the sharptools add on this restored virtual machine. I don’t get a error message. I deleted the add-on and installed it again. The same problem, I’m not able to start the add-on.

Can you share what you found in the Home Assistant and Add-on logs? If the add-on isn’t loading at all, I would expect something to show up in one of those logs.

I restarted my virtual home assistant machine. Now it looks like, thats working after new authorization with unsername and password. Thanks for your help

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