Home Assistant Helper Groups Status Not Updating

I’m using Helper Groups in Home Assistant to group lights in a common area.
When adding these as Things in Sharptools, im pbserving that they execute on/off commands correctly, but do not update status correctly. any pointers? thnx

Just to make sure I’m testing the right thing, how did you create the group?

  1. Open HASS Settings
  2. Tap Device and Service
  3. Tap the Helpers tab
  4. Tap +Create Helper
  5. Select Group
  6. Select Switch group as the group type
  7. Provide a name for the group and select your switch members

Is all of the correct? Including the group type? If not, can you share what approach you took?

Edit: And can you confirm which version of Home Assistant you are running?

For reference, that’s the approach I took and I am able to control the ‘group’ switch and the status for it updates as expected when either the group itself is controlled or it’s constituent members are controlled.

With Home Assistant versions:

Home Assistant 2023.4.2
Supervisor 2023.12.1
Operating System 8.2
Frontend 20230406.1 - latest

I just moved to Home Assistant this week, so not great at it yet.

But I was moving Sharptools rules to Home Assistant and had statuses for my presence. Which get updated by a presence sensor, but I can also set to “sleep” at night to run things different and have an alarm set.

And indeed, today I added those variables (text) to a Sharptools dash and they were the same status as they were when I ran authorization.

I thought this might be related as it seems some helpers don’t get synced.

EDIT: Weird, tinkered some more with it and fully adapted my dashboards and they seem to be fine now.