Home Assistant Automations

Quick question to validate that this is a Feature Request.

I’m migrating from SmartThings to Home Assistant and I’m transferring a number of pieces of functionality including Evohome Heating. I have specific Virtual Switches in SmartThings that when pressed trigger WebCore Logic. These Virtual Switches are embedded in SharpTools Dashboards for a simple user interface. An example is a Virtual Switch to Boost the Lounge Heating (set to 25C for 30 Mins).

In Home Assistant I have built Automations/Scripts to do the same setting of the zone to a fixed temperature for a specific time. I have built a Card on HA that triggers that Automation.

However in SharpTools HA integration I believe that only the HA Devices and Scenes are available, and neither of those allow me to trigger my HA logic direct from SharpTools.

Am I missing something or do I need to raise as a Feature Request ?


Could one of the Admins comment please?

I’ll raise a feature request if this isn’t something possible at the moment.


I don’t believe there’s an option to directly trigger them with the current implementation. If a device includes states or services, they’ll normally get mapped over automatically, but it looks like the automation and script entities don’t include their services for some reason. :thinking:

As a workaround, you could use a virtual switch (or input_boolean in the HASS world) like you did previously and use those as triggers. And a feature request is welcomed, of course.