Home Assistant Alarmo Integration

I’m implementing the Alarmo Integration and the Arm/Disarm by pin code is not working correctly. The alarm status is set correctly in HA but SharpTools displays the red “Alarmo has not been updated” toast and the tile does not update. Where should I be looking?

What type of tile layout is being used? From a brief review of the documentation, it looks like it should be in the alarm_control_panel domain and thus use the Security System tile.

If I remember correctly, the attribute in SharpTools should be mapped as securitySystemStatus. And if the device maps in the valid states, those should get displayed in the picker.

You should be able to increase the verbosity of the logs in the SharpTools Add-on in Home Assistant and watch as you control the device from SharpTools to see which command gets sent across… and similarly, control it from HA and see the attribute changes in the logs.

@josh - I’m not seeing anything obvious in the log entries. Any further steps that might assist?

2022-10-09 10:29:27 info: Received command call_service from SharpTools.io.
2022-10-09 10:29:27 debug: Received command. {"entityId":"alarm_control_panel.alarmo","type":"call_service","data":{"domain":"alarm_control_panel","service":"alarm_disarm","serviceData":{"code":"XXXX"}}}
2022-10-09 10:29:27 debug: Converting service command for domain alarm_control_panel and service alarm_disarm
2022-10-09 10:29:27 debug: Call HA service - {"id":14,"type":"call_service","domain":"alarm_control_panel","service":"alarm_disarm","target":{"entity_id":"alarm_control_panel.alarmo"},"service_data":{"code":"XXXX"}}.
2022-10-09 10:29:27 debug: Responding to socket message 4cf97709-1dc6-40b5-8a20-0df610b82496. Data size: 0.02KB.

Hi Eric-
I installed the Alarmo integration and was able to identify the issue. A hotfix has been released to beta which should resolve this.

Since you’re part of the beta group, you can visit the beta site and refresh the page to pull in the latest updates. Then if you navigate to your dashboard displaying the Alarmo tile, it should run a healthcheck in the background and clean things up.

I thought I posted this before but it isn’t showing in the thread. Sorry if it’s repost…

@josh, Hotfix is confirmed. Arm/Arming/Disarm all are working as expected. Thanks for digging into it.

Is there any way to expose the “Arming” state to Styles? It doesn’t appear as a Style state currently. While the system is in delayed Arming, it would be helpful to show a different visual.

Thanks for the confirmation.

We generally filter out transitional states in the standard tiles and would guide you to the Super Tile or Hero Attribute tile for mapping of all states, but I can see how ‘arming’ and ‘pending’ would be cases in an Alarm Tile that would reasonably call for state mapping.

As such, today’s beta release includes support for mapping the ‘pending’ and ‘arming’ states as well. They default to an amber background with a pulsating icon when customizing the state mappings.

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Arming state is confirmed working. Great addition!

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