Home Assistant Alarmo Integration Disarm by PIN not working

I’m implementing the Alarmo Integration in HA and the Disarm by pin code is not working correctly. When I select the Alarmo tile it prompts for Disarm, Arm Home and Arm Away. When I select Disarm it should prompt me for a PIN but it does not. Consequently the Disarm fails to update the alarm state in HA because of missing PIN.
There was a post about the same issue in Oct 22 which seemed to suggest the issue was fixed. What am I missing ?

Have you reauthorized the device to SharpTools subsequent to reconfiguring the Alarmo device with PIN protection?

The attributes that are used to determine if PIN protection is required are only updated during a device sync. So you can go to your SharpTools Add-on in Home Assistant and tap the ‘Manage’ option in the top-navigation then scroll down and Submit to kick off a fresh device sync.

Upon further investigation with @Nigel_Baker we also discovered that the Alarmo integration is a bit unique in that it changes the codeFormat from number to null while the entity is actively disarmed.

This is different from the official Home Assistant implementation wherein the codeFormat stays fixed as number.

As such, Nigel needed to authorize / sync devices from Home Assistant while the Alarmo device was in an armed state so things would get synced over properly.