Help with SHM in web interface

Hi Guys,

Just getting started with SmartThings and SharpTools and i must say its really clever and i know i have only scratched the surface!

Even though i am a noob (3 days in) I have several things setup, and working, Multi Sensors, Water Leak Sensor, Modes, CCTV, Weather and Plugs via IFTTT but for the life of me i cannot get the SHM icons to do anything but change colour, the dashboard shows its sent the request, SmartThings even shows event data posted back to SharpTools once i have pressed the dashboard button but the dashboard does not update the SmartThings APP and the APP doesn’t update the dashboard?

Am i missing something really simple here? - The Mode buttons worked just by adding them, why don’t my SHM buttons?

Any help would be really appreciated…

Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you are enjoying things.

Sorry to hear that SHM is not working as expected for you. Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the new Samsung SmartThings app?


The new SmartThings app has its own version of SHM which doesn’t seem to interact with the ‘classic’ SHM. At this point in time, third party developers can only interface with the classic SHM as SmartThings has not exposed the new SHM. Surprisingly, even SmartThings own apps can’t interface with the new SHM yet!

If you want to use SHM with SharpTools, the recommendation for now would be to continue using the SmartThings Classic mobile app and its associated SHM. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy response Josh and yes, i have just got the v3 hub so thought it would be best to kick off with the latest APP…

As the SHM was the primary drive for getting SmartThings i think i will take your advice and start again with the classic APP.

Thanks again.

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The good news is the vast majority of things stay the same including your locations and connected things. You just need to sign into the Classic app using the same credentials!

As you continue down the journey, you may find yourself wanting to use custom SmartApps or custom device handlers. Some of the SmartThings community developers are just now figuring out how to get custom devices to work with the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app (at least in limited capacities), but these community device handlers and SmartApps work great with the classic app!


I have switched over to classic and it’s all working as expected, thanks for the heads up as well, I would have removed everything and set it all up again had you not have mentioned it. :+1: