Help with Samsung TabA and FKB

Hi all. I am using the FKB on a Samsung TabA tablet and am having trouble with keeping the dashboard loaded. I have the FKB settings set the same as on my Fire Tablets but the FKB keeps closing/timing out on the Samsung at random times throughout the day.
Just wondering if anyone might have some suggestions of settings that I need to adjust, I’m guessing on the tablet itself?

FKB has some autorecovery features that I would take a look at enabling.

From a quick look at FKB on my phone, it looks like that’s at least:

  • Other → Restart Fully After Crash, Restart Fully After Update
  • Other → Run as Priority App

To your point, you might also look at the device settings and see what options you have. I recall Samsung devices having a ‘Smart Manager’ feature that would try to optimize battery usage and you could exclude apps from that.

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I had a guide posted for Tasker, but apparently you can edit the link so it just reads whatever app you want… So here’s a FKB one:

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