Help with $.runRule syntax

Unable to get the special $.runRule syntax to execute using the Media tile hyperlink.

I’m having the same problem. $.runRule syntax is not working using the Variables tile.

We s there a log you can look at to see if a rule was triggered?

@Michael & @Aaron_Drysdale, can you please verify if you have the double quote in right places and correct rule id? Here is the example of the hyperlink and rule I have and is working for me.

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@James can you see any issues? I copied and pasted the RuleID from the rule URL, so it should be correct.

Is there any logging that would tell me if my rule was triggered? Perhaps there is a logic error in my rule flow, even though it’s incredibly simple.


Yes! The syntax/tile options are setup as per your example - The rule is to play a preset station.

The double quotes look slanted. Can you try retyping them so it uses straight double quotes like in James’s screenshot?



(I’ve also made a note to see if I can make the expression parser more resilient against this. I’ve seen this on other platforms where copy pasting can result in the slanted quotes that break things)

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@Aaron_Drysdale and @Michael, you may also want to add an Email notification as the first action during the troubleshoot so you know if the rule gets triggered or not. Rule log is in my list but not currently available.

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The quotes were it for me. I had originally typed this in IOS, and it inserted the slanted style of double quotes. I fixed it in Wndows, and it inserted regular double quotes. So IOS must use a different unicode character.

After correcting this, I got the “Executing rule” toast, which I wasn’t seeing before. Thanks!


Same culprit - iOS. Problem resolved using a desktop.