Help with rule to run every 2 mins

I have a rule that sets a variable to true/false when the shower turns on.

I have a 2nd rule that I want to run every 2 mins while the variable from rule 1 is true. It is only executing once. What do I need to do to get it to trigger every 2 mins?

See @Chris_C 's solution in this thread:


But shouldn’t stays true trigger the rule every 2 mins while it is true?

The variable would need to be flipped to False and then back to True before the ‘state stays’ trigger would get triggered again. The rule in your screenshot won’t loop every five minutes by itself unless the variable changes from false to true and stays that way for 2 minutes (eg. from another rule not pictured).

Otherwise the approach @Bry mentioned is a reasonable way to loop every X minutes.

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