Help With New Rule - My First

I’m attempting to make a rule that will turn on and off my ceiling fans based on room temperature and location mode.

The desire is for fans in each room to come on when mode changes to home or when location is already in home mode and the room temperature is 74F or above. This rule should turn the fan off if reported room temp then falls to 73F or below.

I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how I can accommodate both of those potential triggers in one rule. I don’t mind it being more than one rule but my attempts so far resulted in some unexpected side effects such as the smart switch turning off and on each time the temp changed but was still above 74.

I know this probably isn’t complex to most of you. But it’s certainly eluding me.

Hi my friend, I think thats the better way is select the change temp as the trigger, b.e. WHEN temp CHANGES greater than X. Then the IF part can check about the Location MODE, b.e IF Location Mode is IN HOME, in the THEN part you can switch on your FAN. i hope this helps.

Thanks Carlos…I get what you are saying but at times a change in temp can literally be hours away from arrival at home. I would like to be able to trigger the fans on based on either criteria so that I don’t have to wait for a temp change when I arrive home just for the fans to come on. You think maybe this requires that I make two rules for each fan, one based on each trigger?

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So you want the Fan to start at >74F and stop at <74F when you come home, or are home…?

Sorry, I messed up with my previous answer…

I would do like Carlos_Juarez says in his post. and also make a second rule without if_condition location to turn off
The fan will allways go -on- when above 74F when you are at home,
and with second rule -off- when belov 74F regardless if you are home or not.

Was kind of thinking along those same lines. I appreciate the help.

You can do separate rules or stack the IFs, I think.

Hi friend, you can make 2 rules or just one, in the trigger part (WHEN…) add the Location mode, b.e. WHEN Location Mode Change to IN HOME, the WHEN part is going to trigger the rule when any of 2 conditions goes off. Take a try …

Thanks for the example.

Thanks again Carlos for the help