Help with name of tile

I’m updating old dashboards and need to find the name of a few tiles.For example, this one:

I thought the name might show up if I deleted the label text. Nope.

I’m not even certain what type of tile it is…


All of the ‘Thing’ tiles should show the device name just under the ‘Tile Editor’ heading.

I noticed that the tile has the Open Hyperlink action which would make me think this is a Variable tile. And since it has State Mapping enabled, my guess would be that this is a True/False variable.


Thanks for the clues, detective.

The device name is nowhere to be found. I think I ran into this before and you and James proved me crazy. But maybe not so crazy…

Using above clues, found tile and updated. Yes indeed - a True/False variable. I looked at other tiles in the same category; No device names.


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