Help with lights

Hi guys is I have a few lamps that are sometimes unplugged or switched off but they always so up in the on status is there anyway to change this ?

So if I’m understanding you correctly, you have some lamps containing smart bulbs and at times, one way or the other, the power is cut to the lamp. But when that happens, the dashboard still indicates the bulb is on.

If that is the case, the crux of your problem is that when a smart bulb loses power, it does not send and off status to the hub. So the hub, and also your dashboard, still believes that the bulb is on. At some point, the hub will figure out the bulb is offline (not off), but that doesn’t really help.

Smart bulbs should remain constantly powered. So the solution is to prevent the bulbs from being manually turned off. For those on switches, there are guards that can be placed over the switches as a reminder to not flip the switch. For lamps, you can remove the turn knob or coil the pull chain. You’re on your own for the don’t unplug solution.