Help with Dashboard Navigation and Auto Return to Home

Hi, I’m trying to do something that may already have been done, but after searching the forum I’m not finding anything that does what I’m trying to do.
The basic goal is that when a user touches a tile which takes them to a different dashboard, I need to determine that has happened so I can start a delay (timer) and then when it times out, automatically return the Main Dashboard if the user didn’t manually return via a “Home” tile. Below I’ll provide screen shots of the Main Dashboard for context, the rule code and related variable, and my related configuration info.

My system is a two hub mesh Hubitat C7 arrangement.
I have Fully Kiosk running on Amazon Fire tablet
I’m using the Fully Kiosk Browser device drive on Hubitat and can successfully talk to it via both Hubitat and Sharptools (at least it shows up and I can reference different functions).
I know the FKB device is no longer supported, but didn’t find another way to do this.

Main Dashboard and Example sub Dashboard:

If you touch any of the colored tiles, it will take you to a related sub dashboard

If you touch the Home tile it will return you to the main dashboard

The rule settings follow:

As you can see, I’m using the FKB device to determine when the dashboard url changes to something other than my main dashboard, then starts the delay and if the user hasn’t already done so, it returns them to the main dashboard.

I have another rule which monitors when the main dashboard is accessed and it resets the variable so I know the user already went back. The timeout will probably be about 2 or 3 minutes in the end, but I’ve got it very short right now for testing.

Also you’ll notice the debug variables so I can see where the flow went and how far it made it. The debug variable is never changed from 0, so the trigger which monitors if the FKB url changes to something other than the main dashboard isn’t firing.

Is there a better way to do this, or can you see what I’m doing incorrectly with that trigger setup?

Why not just configure Fully Kiosk to return the the home screen after whatever time you set ? It’s part of the program. Or am I completly missing the meaning of your question.

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Well, honestly I didn’t think of that. Just made that change and it works perfectly. Thanks!

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This works great, but unfortunatly it dosen’t work with dashboard overlays, since the main dashboard is still active below the overlay.

Anyone doing this with an iPad/Apple solution? Without Fully Kiosk?

If I remember correctly, @Scott_Farnsworth switched from Fire Tablets over to iPads and is running the Kiosker app from the App Store and is happy with the ‘return to home’ type of feature it has:

Thanks, yep managed to get this working with Kiosker! Appreciate the info.

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