Help with camera feed on Fully Kiosk

I have a camera feed setup on Sharptools dashboard that works fine on Chrome on my tablet and passes the base64 encoding but when I view the same in Fully Kiosk I don’t see the camera image. The only way I can currently fix this is setting my homepage of fully to be that of the camera and then logging in, and then setting it back to my dashboard. However this needs to be done daily.
Has anyone seen this and know how to fix?

@PhilWolf, can you post more details about your camera setup (brand/model, and the url format you used)? It sounds like the URL with base64 encoded username/password was not able to get authorized for accessing the camera image. The reason why it works in Chrome or when you first hit the camera login page in FKB is because the browser uses the cached credential to access the camera.

I remember seeing a user having issue of using base64 encoded username and password in the URL to access his Hikvision cameras, and it turned out new firmware doesn’t support the based64 encoded username and password embedded in the ULR any more.


It is hikvision and I did update the firmware earlier this week! So I think this explains everything…

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Just to follow up, Blue Iris works… Looks like I’ll be spending the money on it