Help with Battery Status rule

I have created 3 rules that set a variable based on battery %. I am having issues with the full battery rule not triggering. The other 2 rules are working fine. I had a low battery that I changed this morning and the rule did not run when the battery level updated. Any help is appreciated.

Event Trigger – Device
XXX changes and is greater than 50%
(Seperate trigger set for each device)

If Condition – All
Condition - Device
XXX battery is greater than 50%
(seperate condition for each device)
Action - Set Variable
set variable $lowBatteryLevel value to Full

@Terri, the rule summary looks ok, though a complete rule screenshot may better explain the complete the logic. That being said, what are the other devices batteries’ levels? Are they all greater than 50%?

The rule is long due to many batteries being monitored and hard to get a screen shot of.

Yes, all batteries are above 50%.

It’s like it didn’t register the change when I replaced the battery. Since the trigger is change to, I can not execute the rule.

The issue is resolved through the PM. The cause was due to an incorrect operator (<=) used in one of the battery checking condition, and the rule works as expected after the condition is updated.