Help on integrating frigate API video feed

I am switching over from Blue Iris for my security cameras. Frigate has a feature called Birdseye where it shows each camera based on motion in the same feed. All of the regular camera feeds are available through http://. But the Birdseye is available through the API. Apparently it is a websocket. I don’t really understand what this is - so starting to teach myself. But I thought I would post here to see if anyone has played with this and can provide some pointers. Thanks.

I picked up a Coral chip with the intention of playing with Frigate, but haven’t had a chance to dig into it. I am interested to see if anyone else has dug into this yet or is using Frigate though.

I have been running it for a couple of months now. I started because I could not get Blue Iris to run properly for over a year. Went back and forth with tech support and yet today it still crashes multiples times a week. I have all Reolink cameras and basically the solution was to rip out the cameras and replace them.

Guess what, I had them up and running in Frigate within 10 minutes and haven’t looked back. I don’t even have a Coral accelerator, they are currently running double the price and difficult to find. But I am running on a docker under unraid and it seems to work just fine.

I am using the http feeds of the cameras in my Sharptools dashboard. The only thing I want to replace before pulling the plug in Blue Iris is the multi-camera motion view. This is accessible through http://frigate_ip:5000/api/live/birdseye but is apparently a websocket, so I have to figure out how to handle this.

Alternatively, I believe I can expose this through Home Assistant. But I am just starting to play with Home Assistant and I am running under a docker. It seems that I have to move to a VM to get this working - I think. I also think the Sharptools connector needs to be in a VM vs. a docker. Just now starting to play around with this.

Update on this - running for over a year. Finally found a Coral, just installed Go2RTC and the streams are even quicker. Works great on fully kiosk but had to install SWAG to get https feeds working so that my chrome browser touchscreens were happy. It’s not that BI was expensive, for me it crashed constantly - I think because it didn’t like my Reolink cameras - and the interface was unbelievably complex. Highly recommended.

I am displaying the main interface in a custom tile for now and running all of the individual camera feeds into various dashboards. Example of the interface below:

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