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I have ewelink account linked to SmartThings, which shows on SmartThings when any device is online or offline, when i set a rule below in Smart Tools, it does not trigger when online status changes, does health status only work with devices connected to a hub?

Interestingly, I was doing some testing with healthStatus and found the same thing.

In my case, I used a time trigger and IF sensor - healthStatus is ‘offline’. Testing using a known offline device confirmed offline via webCore failed. Logs indicate that the IF condition wasn’t matched.


That being said, there is another method through which you can get the health status into a variable.

DeviceID in the GET url. Personal access token value following Bearer in the Authorization.

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Thanks you Bry, newbie question due I just type the words Authorization and Bearer in the headers tab

From memory, yes you do.

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Thanks again Bry, I changed the trigger to DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus as below and this works

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That’s interesting. I thought I had tried that before and it failed. I tried it again, same thing. The only difference is you are using it as a trigger.


I suspect that the device status attributes are going to be very hit or miss – likely more miss than hit. From what I gather from reading various SmartThings threads, it sounds like they’re something of a remnant of the Groovy era and the Device Health endpoints are the ‘new’ solution going forward.

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Thanks, Josh. I was really tinkering with this more as a proof of concept. Using the RE is a bit unweildy since you need one rule per device if you want to check all devices with a battery for example.

I think there is a better way with TAustin’s tool.

It appears to be working for me, I guess not for long, how do I set up (Device Health endpoints) using Sharp Tools

Hi. Bry, I also tested with a bunch of door sensor’s, set up just in one rule, I removed the battery out of a couple, it reported them being ofline, I don’t have a SmartThings hub, my devices are connected by the cloud, it’s very confusing with a lot of things being changed due to Groovy.

As long as my electric fences are being monitored to stop the Zombies getting in, we will be fine🤣

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Hi Bry, you don’t have a link for more information on TAustin online monitor, I have installed the edge driver, just need to work out how to use it, thanks

Yep, it’s in 2 pieces. You’ll need the driver itself, as well as the Edgebridge app that runs full time on a local PC or rPi.

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Many Thanks, I just could not find it anywhere

I would caution you to pay very close attention to the setup instructions.

Each Online Status Monitor device has 20 slots in it, so you should make use of all 20 slots before creating another one. One person reported that they weren’t able to sync all their devices over and when we looked into it, they had something like 32 online status devices which ultimately created 640 devices in SharpTools (since each component becomes a device). We upped the device sync limit slightly to accommodate this, but it can cause issues when used incorrectly.

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Thanks, after reading further I did think it was out of my comfort zone, you have now confirmed that.