Harmony & Smartthings

Hi I needed some help I have a harmony hub and smart things. I see all the devices used with harmony in smart things but when i open sharpytools i can not see them? any idea?

Hi @Sunil_Patel - if you recently added the devices in SmartThings, make sure to update your authorizations in SharpTools so it has access to the new devices. :grinning:

  1. Open your SharpTools.io user page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select SmartThings
  4. Follow the prompts making sure to select your new devices.
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Hi Josh, all the harmony activities are showing in smartthings but not in sharptools. Can you guide me on how to see them? I tried the above but don’t see anything from harmony

Thanks for the update, Sunil. Can you please provide screenshots of what you are seeing in SmartThings for Harmony as well as a screenshot of the list of devices you are seeing during the authorization process?

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the new Samsung SmartThings app? Since it sounds like you are relatively new to SmartThings based on your other posts, I’ve assumed you’re using the new Samsung SmartThings app and thus have taken my screenshots with that. The process is largely the same for the Classic app which many people prefer to use.


The first step is to make sure the device are connected and created in SmartThings…

When you go through the process to connect Logitech devices to SmartThings, you should first see SmartThings discover your devices. You’ll need to make sure you’ve selected those devices and then pressed Done to actually connect and create them in SmartThings.

From there, you’ll want to verify that the devices actually get created in SmartThings. You should see them in your Devices / Things list in the SmartThings mobile app:

From there, if you go through the authorization process in SharpTools again (eg. User Page > Manage Connections > SmartThings), you should see the new Harmony Activities available for authorization. Make sure the box is checked next to the device and scroll down and click authorize.


Hi Josh thank you I didn’t do the step where you update in sharptools after adding harmony to smartthings. Now that is complete I wanted more information on creating unique tiles or different types not plain…

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you got it working!

Can you clarify what you mean by unique tiles (vs plain)?

The following screenshot shows some of the various tile types that are available.

Note that some of the tile types like weather, lock, thermostat, motion, music, contact, and garage door are automatically determined based on the type of device you have authorized. For example, to get the thermostat tile, you’ll need a thermostat device authorized. Similarly, to get the music player tile, you’ll need a music player like Sonos or Kodi authorized.

Weather Tile

For the weather tile, you can create a weather device in SmartThings using the SmartThings IDE. The short version of the process is:

  1. Login to the IDE:
  2. Go to the Devices tab
  3. Click New Device button in top right corner
  4. Choose whatever you want for name and network id. Change the type to SmartWeather Station Tile. Choose your location. Leave everything else alone.
  5. Click Create.

When you’re done, be sure to authorize the newly created device from your SharpTools.io user page and then you be able to add it to your dashboard.

Media Tiles

Along the bottom row are Media Tiles. These are really versatile tiles that let you display a variety of media types (eg. JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, MJPEG). In my particular example, the first three along the bottom row are showing live MJPEG camera feeds from my security system.

The last tile in the bottom-right shows the weather forecast from a local news site - this is a really popular and common use case of media tiles. The following thread has some examples of how to find weather tiles: Weather Image Sources - or feel free to share your location and the community can help you!

Note: One recently added feature of Media Tiles is the ability to use a hyperlink with a Media Tile. This is really powerful for opening up apps, other dashboards, and other websites.

Hyperlinks and Dashboard Tiles

On that note, one other popular feature is the Hyperlink Tiles and Dashboard Tiles. Hyperlink Tiles can be used to open any hyperlink. One popular use case for hyperlink tiles is to open other apps… you can find some common URLs for iOS (and Android) in the following article:

Dashboard tiles are similar to Hyperlink tiles, but they let you navigate between dashboards efficiently. They are commonly used as a ‘menu’ system of sorts. For example, the back arrow tile in the top-left corner of the screenshot above is a dashboard tile that jumps me back to my main navigation dashboard. When you start using multiple dashboards, these become really helpful!

Hero Attribute Tiles

One other popular tile type that isn’t pictured are Hero Attribute tiles. You can display the value of any attribute using Hero Attribute tiles - they are commonly used to display temperature, battery levels, energy consumption and more. You can find more detail on them here:


Which brings up one final point that you can customize most tile types and even the dashboard as a whole. While you are editing a dashboard, tap the ... in the top-right corner of the tile and you’ll have an option for Edit and Change Layout.

The Edit option for each tile may have different settings, so it’s helpful to check it out whenever you’re using a new tile. For example, most Thing tiles let you customize the icon, size, dimensions, label, security, and more.

The Change Layout option is available for most Thing Tiles. For example, that’s how you access the Hero Attribute and how you change between Thermostat layouts.

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