Harmony &Smartthings String Value

Hi everyone. I’m trying to setup a “Good Morning” routine in the sharp tools Rule Engine. I’ve got stuck trying to create a condition that would prevent the Rule from executing should my Harmony Hub be running any activity other than being completely off (i.e. don’t run if i’m already watching TV). I have it as follows:

Harmony Hub
Input String Value:

I don’t know what to type for the string value or how to find it. Please help.

Hi @Blair_Madeley welcome to the community. You can find the “currentActivity” attribute’s value by going to the user page, tap ... next to your location in the “Authorized Locations” section, and select your Harmony hub. Then you should see the value of “currentActivity” attribute listed in the Attribute Values List. And that value should be the string to input in the condition. Let me know if this helps.


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So what your saying is I just need to copy and paste what’s listed in the currentActivity under value?
In this case it says the value is PC [Harmony Activity] correct?

I think @James forgot to mention that this value will only be up to date if it is used in a dashboard or in a rule trigger. It’s grayed out which means SharpTools isn’t receiving status updates for that particular attribute since the events aren’t used anywhere.

You could check the SmartThings IDE to get the latest value that SmartThings has for that particular attribute:

  1. Open the SmartThings IDE
  2. Tap My Devices in the top navigation
  3. Scroll down and tap your main Harmony Hub device
  4. Refer to the Current States section of the table to see the current value

I’m also trying to get my Harmony Hub setup on SmartThings again so I can check the value for you.


Hey. Thank you both for following up so quickly. When I go into SmartThings IDE I locate the Harmony Hub, I dive into the list of currentActivity events over the past few days. The event that coincides with all activities being off is represented in the list as “–”. Is that the value I’m supposed to input?

Yes. You would want to put in exactly what you see as the Value in the event history. It’s hard to tell from the screenshot, but it looks like a double dash:


It has to be the exact value reported by the SmartThings device (including spaces, special characters, upper vs lower case, etc)

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I was able to get my Harmony reconnected and -- was the reported value when no activities were running and the TV was off.

I’m not sure if it was just my Harmony Hub integration that was acting weird or if it’s normal with the Smartthings-Harmony integration, but my Current Activity was not updating in SmartThings until I tapped the refresh icon in the SmartThings app.

If you’re worried about that, you might add a refresh action, then a small delay into your rule before checking the condition:

Action: Harmony: refresh()
Delay: 3 seconds
IF Harmony Current Activity is --


That’s extremely helpful. My guess is SharpTools relies on that current status. Meaning if I notice that on mine it hadn’t updated in a few hours, probably best to include that refresh rule.