Hardware Recommendation to handle Wyzecams

Question, I have 6 Wyze cam v2’s and want to display RTSP feed on Sharptools. I have tried running tinycam pro on a Firestick4K, but it is unreliable. I have an intel i7 processor powered laptop and an NVME ssd external drive, I also have several Raspberry Pi 4 4gb boards, and an old home tower system that has an older i7.

I’m trying to keep costs down (WAF) what would your suggestions be as to hardware to have a solid performing TinyCam or Blue Iris based video monitor system?


I’d recommend Blue Iris for either of your Windows laptop/tower. Both of them should be powerful enough for 6 cameras. I have been running Blue Iris on a used IBM mini computer like below that I got from eBay and upgraded to 8GB RAM for 4+ years, and never had any problem.