Handler for TV Tile?

I am stumped on this. I’d like to have a tile to turn my vizio and lg tv on and off on my dashboard. Well smartthings does not support any other tvs. I tried making a routine in alexa and adding the alexa virtual switch handler. Still the smart things won’t find load my tv. Ether I am doing something completely wrong or is there another way around this?

SmartThings may not officially support other TVs directly, but I would suggest searching through the SmartThings Community to see if there are any community developed integrations. For example, it looks like there are a number of community developed integrations for LG TVs (though I haven’t personally tried them).

This sounds like a neat workaround. SmartThings won’t be able to find the TV directly in this case (or know the status if you control it from a different device), but if there’s an Alexa integration for the TV then this sounds like a reasonable workaround.

Another approach would be to use something like a Harmony Hub or Broadlink IR device.

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This works beautifully with Harmony. If you buy one get the companion remote + hub. Skip the Elite remote… it’s annoying and the battery is poor.

My dash has buttons to turn on the TV and set the roku to Hulu/Netflix/etc.

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