Group Devices - Dashboard

Hi guys.

Looking for some suggestions. I have in my Kitchen 9 GU10 spot lights. I am looking at setting up a dashboard and would like to group them rather than having 9 lights showing. Any suggestions?

You can create a TRUE/FALSE variable, add this variable to the dashboard, and create a rule to turn all lights on if this variable is changed to TRUE, or turn all lights off when it is changed to FALSE. So this variable tile basically becomes your main switch of all the lights.

See the rule example below and please note that I use the Context Variable to check the variable event’s value, instead of checking the isOffieLightOn variable itself. This trick would have slightly faster rule execution performance because the event value can access in runtime via the Context Variable. :wink:

Thanks James. I will check this out.

Um, James - in the example, why are you executing commands twice excecuting commands twice?

They are actually different devices. One is Office Lamp and the other one is Office Light. So when the variable is changed to TRUE/FALSE, the rule will turn both lights on or off. Sorry the screenshot was not very clear. :yum:

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Thanks James.

This seems to be powering my lights on but not off. Not sure where ive gone wrong.

Spotted the issue. I had two variables when i should have just had one. Sorry completely over looked that. Its now working.

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