Group Control of Lights and Shades (Paired Things)

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to this, but I have searched for a solution with no luck.

I have 5 lights (hue spots) in my kitchen. I would like to turn them all on with only one tile/switch. Is it possible to pair them? And how?
Furthermore I have ikea curtains that I would like to pair also. But I would imagine that if it’s possible with the lights, then I would be able to use the same method on these? Or?

Thank you in advance.

You can create a virtual switch, then create a rule which turns on all the lights/curtains if they are off, else turn them off. The virtual switch shows the status of the light. Needs some rule modelling to perfect though.

I do believe an update on the Smartthings app added the possibility to group lights which can ve operated in a similar fashion.

Edit: when grouping lights you will still need to create a virtual switch and 2 routines, for on and off.


Thanks for reaching out. I have grouped them in SmartThings, but these groups do not show in sharptools? Any tricks?
The virtual button could be a good solution. But how do I make a virtual button? Is this made in sharptools Og SmartThings? And how?
I know……….a lot of questions, but I would appreciate one more reply :wink:

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I’m assuming you have a hub, I’m not sure it’s still possible to add virtual devices without it, since I haven’t done that. Will have a little search about that if necessary.

On this page you can find a good virtual device creator:

Once you have done that, you can setup 2 routines, one where the light group turns on when the virtual switch is on and 1 routine for off.
After syncing to Sharptools, by going into your user account, tap manage connections and tap Smartthings, login, etc… You will be able to use the virtual switch in Sharptools.

If you don’t have a hub, you can use this:
For my personal use, that was before light groups, I built this with rules and a variable in Sharptools.
I had 1 rule that would turn a variable on, whenever 1 of the lights it turned on, it would check if all the other lights are on and set the variable to on.
Then I made a rule that I could tap on the dashboard, if the variable is off, turn all the lights on and vice versa.

Either way will work. The checking of the lights on into the variable needs a small delay. In case it takes a second for certain lights to come on.

It might be simpler if you group the lights as a Scene in SmartThings. You will probably need two, one to turn the lights on and the other to turn them off.

Scenes can be added directly to dashboards as a tile. +, Location Features, Scene Picker.

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