Graphical - house sketch dashboard

Firstly, I am a newcomer here - and although posted couple of posts already, let me congratulate you for doing a great job, providing a very cool product!

Would be useful to have kind of a “graphical dashboard”, that is the “house dashboards map” showing the house/apartment sketch, so navigation to the different areas/rooms would be easier and intuitive, especially for young kids or elderly person, by clicking on house/floor sketch the exact area/room to go to.

I think you could draw a sketch to use as your wallpaper and then place the ST icons accordingly. Your sketch would have to take into account placement on the grid.


It would be nice for it to have a bit more intelligence so that you could label (to the software) rooms. It could then zoom in to a specific room based on a trigger from a sensor in that room.

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Would be great to have this, but my to-do list has the solution Bry has defined there, where I sketch my own background