Google shopping lists


I’m wondering if there is a way to display the google shopping list as a tile? I’m setting up a kitchen counter device and thought that would be handy.


It doesn’t look like Google has an API available for the shopping lists, so I can’t think of an easy way to display it directly in a tile. That being said, you could use a Hyperlink tile which links to:

It also looks like Google blocks embedding the shopping list page as an iframe, so you’ll have to use the Open in Same Window or Open in New Window option (Open in Modal is blocked by Google).


Thanks Josh, I will try to find another app so that I can display in a tile but will use the Hyperlink in the interim… :slight_smile :slight_smile:


This is something I would like to do. I am currently using todoist linked to the Alexa shopping list but would be willing to switch apps if you find one that can display a list in a tile.


Todoist has an open API. This is the first request I’ve seen for it, so I’ll add it to the hit list.

If anyone else is interested in a Todoist integration, please add your feedback as it helps us prioritize what we work on! :grinning:


One workaround might be to find app that allows viewing todo list via RSS. Some googling …
-zapier can create rss feed from todoist (and others?)
-remember the milk app can provide a rss
-ifttt cannot create rss feeds :frowning:

I wish google would pick one task/reminders/notes/list service and make it work everywhere.