Google login grayed out to sharptools

I already had my google account linked but now i cant bring up my dashboard in fully kiosk bcuz it is asking to login but google is grayed out but my account is already linked

If you tap the ‘Why is Google Login disabled’ link it describes what’s happening and what options you have.

If you have a Phone or Email login linked to your account, you can use one of those options.

Otherwise, you could adjust the User Agent in Fully Kiosk’s setting if you prefer that approach.

This is slightly off topic- and maybe shows me not knowing how it works…
Is there a way to control ‘when’ requests for re-authentication/login return? It is slightly more of an issue because of the Google linking issues aren’t guest-user friendly to have periods of frequent login requests on wall dashboards. I am not clearing browser settings. and I will say it has been more frequent recently on Windows OS/chrome, but happens sometimes on FKB on fire tabs with different frequencies. It is sort of like having Windows or IOS update with worst timing and you have to go and turn off automated udpates to prevent.